Wednesday, June 23rd

Wednesday, June 23rd

23 Jun 2021 Rose of the West with Caley Conway


Wednesday, June 23rd – 6pm

Headliner: Rose of the West

As they wrap recording of their eagerly awaited sophomore album, Milwaukee based ROSE OF THE WEST (Gina Barrington – vocals; Cedric LeMoyne – bass; Thomas Gilbert guitars; Dave Power – drums) are looking forward to getting back in front of live audiences again. The new LP album follows their shadowy and alluring debut release from 2019, with further daring incursions into pop’s darker side.

Who They Are:
Rose of the West is a band of creative souls who came of age at the end of a millennium when the idea of genre was breaking down and artists began to explore and mix, match and express without boundary. They embrace contradictions in their lives and in their music – full of dreamy presence, emotional machinery, dark illumination, and majestic intimacy.

They Make Music To Listen To While:
Exploring deep and remote caves
Dancing in the moonlight around the eternal bonfires
Running through fields at night in 1997
Picking nightshade berries to poison your closest enemy
Driving through the last remaining desert

The Sounds Sound Like:
Melting ice in a cave
The footsteps of a slow motion dance in the forest
The Eurythmics X Beach House X The Cure
A shattered crystal amulet
90’s shoegaze A y2k party
IG: @roseofthewestmusic
Twitter: @roseofthewest

Opener: Caley Conway

Rooted in folk but hardly bound to it, Caley Conway’s inventive style ranges from jazz to post-rock, hints at the familiar, and embraces a dissonant beauty.
The Milwaukeean’s breezy voice and disarming wit belie a deep complexity, bringing a new set of rules to the singer-songwriter paradigm.
Across her career, Conway has shared stages with such heavy hitters as Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, Lomelda, and more.
2020, deprived though it was of live performances, had her staying busy with several recording and mixing projects.
The first of these, an EP titled Bliss or Bust is set for release in May.