2023 Schedule

Opening acts begin at 6:00pm, with main acts at 7:30pm

21 Jun 2023 Miles Nielsen & The Rusted Hearts with guests Wire & Nail
28 Jun 2023 The People Brothers Band with guests Genevieve Heyward Band
04 Jul 2023 Britishmania with guests Jackson Park Orchestra
12 Jul 2023 Willy Porter Band with guest Hayward Williams
19 Jul 2023 Platinum with guests Respect! A Tribute to the Queen of Soul
26 Jul 2023 The Astronomers with guests Tigera
02 Aug 2023 Welshly Arms with guests Me Like Bees
09 Aug 2023 De La Buena with guest Juan Carlos Munguia
16 Aug 2023 Doolin' with guests Cassie and Maggie
23 Aug 2023 Rainout Date (if needed)

Past Shows

24 Aug 2022 Wednesday, August 24th 52nd Street (playing the music of Billy Joel) with guests Ben Harold and The Rising
17 Aug 2022 Wednesday, August 17th The Drowsy Lads with guests Boxing Banjo
10 Aug 2022 Wednesday, August 10th Andrew Leahey & the Homestead with guests Nick Anderson & The Skinny Lovers
03 Aug 2022 Wednesday, August 3rd Porky's Groove Machine with guests Holy Pinto
27 Jul 2022 Wednesday, July 27th Kat and the Hurricane with guests Louie & The Flashbombs
20 Jul 2022 Wednesday, July 20th Jonny Lyons & The Pride with guest Alyssia Dominguez
13 Jul 2022 Wednesday, July 13th Ben Mulwana Band with guests Tae & The Neighborly
04 Jul 2022 Monday, July 4th 52nd Street (playing the music of Billy Joel) with guest Sarah Day
29 Jun 2022 Wednesday, June 29th Phillip-Michael Scales with guests Barbara Stephan Band
22 Jun 2022 Wednesday, June 22nd Them Coulee Boys with guests Listening Party
18 Aug 2021 Wednesday, August 18th Irish Fest Preview
11 Aug 2021 Wednesday, August 11th Listening Party with guests L'Resorts


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